How to Host a Blood Drive

How to Host a Blood Drive

When you host a blood drive, you make it convenient for people to donate blood closer to home, work or worship. These mobile blood drives can be set up inside a building or conducted on a bloodmobile in a parking lot.

Throughout the Commonwealth, dedicated volunteers take a lead role in saving lives by becoming blood drive chairpersons. You can make a difference by joining our team of life-saving volunteers and hosting a blood drive for your company, your church or your neighborhood.

From deciding where to hold the blood drive (in a meeting room or on a bloodmobile), to recruiting blood donors, promoting the blood drive and greeting the blood center staff on blood drive day, it takes about 14 weeks to organize and complete a blood drive.

Without willing community leaders like you, Kentucky Blood Center wouldn’t be able to provide the live-saving blood that is needed by local hospitals.

KBC has a staff of friendly Donor Recruiters who will answer all your questions about hosting a blood drive. Contact a Donor Recruiter today by filling in the form below to find out how you can host a blood drive in your area.