Lucas Cannon Flemingsburg, Kentucky

Lucas Cannon's Recipient Story

Lucas Cannon Standing

JUNE 21, 2011

Lucas Cannon was just 16 when he was severely injured in a tractor accident on his family farm.

Airlifted to the hospital, Lucas, from Flemingsburg, Kentucky, underwent immediate surgery. In the weeks that followed, he required additional surgeries, receiving more than 150 blood transfusions.

His right leg could not be saved and was amputated, then came months of physical therapy.

Today, Lucas is a college graduate with a degree in organizational leadership. He’s also a blood donor.

“I donate every chance I get,” he says. “I need to help replenish the stock.”

Thanks to the 150 blood donors who saved Lucas’s life, he’s able to help others today.

“It’s an overwhelming selfless act,” Lucas says.

Lucas Cannon, Blood donation recipient 

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