Education Grant Program

Education Grant Program

The Kentucky Blood Center Education Grant Program provides financial support to public and private schools for scholarships or educational expenses as outlined in this application. Each drive collecting a minimum of 18 units will receive $250 plus an additional $1 per (1) unit collected. (e.g. $250 + $50 (50 collected units) = $300).

The educational institution must be the primary sponsor or co-sponsor for the blood drive, and must have active student participants to be eligible. The school must be in a school district that works exclusively with KBC for blood drives and must conduct at least two (2) drives during the school year.

Approved funding options and appropriate specifications are listed below:

  • Traditional Scholarship Fund: Defined as a traditional scholarship for students to pursue post-graduate studies. Criteria for receiving the scholarship cannot be based on blood donation or blood drive participation. Non-donors must have equal opportunity to receive the scholarship. Money cannot be used solely for the benefit of sponsoring group members. Funds must go into a specified scholarship fund maintained by the school and then transferred to the recipient’s post-graduate institution.
  • Educational Expenses: Funds are paid directly to the school. Funds can be used for, but not limited to, payment for books, classroom supplies and/or equipment, technology, educational field trips or approved educational conferences (not to include hotel costs). Funds must be put toward an approved educational expense that benefits classroom curriculum and students directly. A detailed description of intent for funds must be provided within the documented request of fund designation.

For more information, or to apply, please reference the program forms below:

KBC Education Grant Program Program Description

KBC Education Grant Program Enrollment Form

KBC Education Grant Program Funds Request Form