Donating Blood During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Donating Blood During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Are Blood Donation Sites Safe to Visit?

YES! Blood donation is an essential medical service and therefore, blood drives are not considered a mass gathering. As a healthcare organization, safety is our top priority!

  • Kentucky Blood Center team members are reporting to work only if they are feeling well and healthy.
  • Only healthy volunteers can be blood donors! To see more about eligibility related to Coronavirus, review this document.
  • We encourage blood donors to complete their health history questionnaire online before coming to the donor center by using QuickPass at (on the day of donation). This reduces the donor’s time in the center and allows them to use their own personal device for this task.
  • Blood donation appointments are very important to help us manage the number of individuals at donation sites.
  • Hand sanitizer is available at every blood donation site.
  • We use only prepackaged snacks for donor refreshments.
  • Social distancing is important and all of our blood donation environments have taken additional measures to increase space between donors during the donation process.
  • Team members disinfect donor beds and other surfaces in between every donation.
  • All blood donation sites follow stringent cleaning and disinfection schedules for all equipment as well as door knobs, etc. for all spaces being used.
  • Good hygiene practices are required by all KBC team members and visitors.

The need for blood does not stop.

Call: 800.775.2522
Please bring photo ID and complete QuickPass online!

Download a PDF of this information here!