How to Volunteer

Working together to save lives

Volunteer couriers transport blood to local hospitals.
Volunteer couriers transport blood to local hospitals.

Our dedicated volunteers help save lives by sponsoring blood drives, assisting blood donors and KBC staff, and transporting blood products to area hospitals. Their services are indispensable.

By becoming a volunteer you can help save countless lives!

Volunteer positions

Hospital Services Driver

  • Purpose: Transport blood and supplies to and from donor centers, blood drives, labs and hospitals.
  • Responsibilities: Hospital Services Drivers take a KBC vehicle on prescheduled routes twice during a four-hour shift. These volunteers also check the vehicle and gas up as needed according to the transportation procedure.
  • Qualifications: A Hospital Services Driver must have a valid Kentucky driver’s license, a good driving record and the ability to lift 35 pounds.

Special Event Greeter

  • Purpose: Meet and greet volunteer blood donors.
  • Responsibilities: Maintain a professional, cheerful attitude while welcoming donors.
  • Qualifications: Special Event Greeters should have a positive attitude, a desire to help, excellent communication skills and the ability to provide confident, pleasant direction to donors.

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