About Us

Kentucky Blood Center (KBC) is a community-based nonprofit organization providing life-saving blood products to Kentucky hospitals since 1968. We strive to ensure every hospital we serve has access to a safe and abundant blood supply. KBC is the largest FDA licensed nonprofit blood bank headquartered in the Commonwealth of Kentucky and relies on volunteer blood donors to provide 400 pints of blood per day to meet area patients’ needs.

Donated blood components are vital to a wide range of treatments including cancer, trauma, sickle cell, organ transplant, surgeries and many more. More than half of all blood donations come from blood drives organized and hosted by volunteers at businesses, churches, schools and community centers. Blood drives can be indoors at host facilities with adequate space and amenities, or on specially-designed bloodmobiles. Community leaders who organize these drives perform a vital role in ensuring blood is available for Kentucky patients.

We are able to save lives only through the generous donation of blood from our donors.

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Beaumont Donor Center
Beaumont Donor Center